Suits, Season 8

Suits, Season 8


  • Genre: Drama
  • Erscheinungsdatum:: 2018-07-18
  • Advisory Rating: ab 12 Jahren
  • Episoden: 18
  • iTunes Preis:: EUR 19.99
  • iTunes HD Preis:: EUR 22.99
von 1,392 Ratings


"Suits" centers on a fast-paced Manhattan corporate law firm led by legendary lawyer Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), his intelligent but delicate partner, Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman), and secretary-turned-COO Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty). After surviving leadership turmoil and the loss of key partners, the trio continues to tackle top corporate cases with the support of the formidable Alex Williams (Dulé Hill) and the undeniably talented Katrina Bennett (Amanda Schull). After muscling her way into the firm, powerhouse attorney Samantha Wheeler (Katherine Heigl) joins the ranks of Specter Litt and challenges the status quo. Together, these top minds must rely on their knowledge, wit and intuition to keep their clients at bay and their firm afloat.


Titel Dauer: Preis
1 Right-Hand Man 42:52 EUR 2.49 Kauf bei iTunes
2 Pecking Order 43:01 EUR 2.49 Kauf bei iTunes
3 Promises, Promises 41:37 EUR 2.49 Kauf bei iTunes
4 Revenue Per Square Foot 41:57 EUR 2.49 Kauf bei iTunes
5 Good Mudding 42:01 EUR 2.49 Kauf bei iTunes
6 Cats, Ballet, Harvey Specter 42:51 EUR 2.49 Kauf bei iTunes
7 Sour Grapes 42:20 EUR 2.49 Kauf bei iTunes
8 Coral Gables 45:03 EUR 2.49 Kauf bei iTunes
9 Motion to Delay 43:04 EUR 2.49 Kauf bei iTunes
10 Managing Partner 45:08 EUR 2.49 Kauf bei iTunes
11 Rocky 8 43:15 EUR 2.49 Kauf bei iTunes
12 Whale Hunt 43:07 EUR 2.49 Kauf bei iTunes
13 The Greater Good 41:40 EUR 2.49 Kauf bei iTunes
14 Peas in a Pod 43:45 EUR 2.49 Kauf bei iTunes
15 Stalking Horse 43:02 EUR 2.49 Kauf bei iTunes
16 Harvey 45:25 EUR 2.49 Kauf bei iTunes
17 Katherine Heigl Interview 02:24 Season Only Kauf bei iTunes
18 Cast Tell-All Interview 02:54 Season Only Kauf bei iTunes



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  • where is mike ross

    von Tanhers nayr
    it is not as good as it used to be
  • Series good, iTunes (once again!) unsatisfactory

    von TheRealJohnGalt
    The new season started quite well so far. However, unlike previous seasons, iTunes doesn't include closed caption anymore. Eventhough I rarely use them, it still is a missing feature and looking at other comments here, for many people subtitles seem to be important. 5 star rating for the series, 0 stars for iTunes.
  • Kein Untertitel mehr???

    von morphosium
    Plötzlich, ohne Ankündigung, kein Untertitel mehr!
  • No CC?

    von Ziggydu
    What happened to CC?
  • CC?!

    von djbastim
    Great but... CC?!
  • Great start!

    von Feerix
    Nice! I just wonder what happened to the closed caption?
  • Another great season

    von MaxiJung94
    Suits is coming back and it starts real good. With Zane in the picture, it is off to a great start. Best series forever.